Lailina Wisoff, RDN, FNLP

Registered Dietitian
Functional Nutrition Counselor

Hi, I’m Lailina Wisoff, registered dietitian and functional nutritionist and self-proclaimed rogue of our standard American way of eating. I’m from Boulder, Colorado and practice both in my lovely Westminster, CO office and from a distance with clients from all over the country and world. I offer guidance to patients and clients wanting to find their way to better energy, blood sugars, hormone balance, symptom relief, heart health and freedom from weight issues.

I know the journey and the challenges along the way. Despite being raised by health-conscious parents, I suffered from chronic sinus infections from an early age. I quickly learned that my love for sugar was at least in part contributing to my constant sinus pain. I became interested in healing, herbal remedies and cooking and baking were always a part of my life and upbringing. As I got older and studied nutrition in college and earned my RDN my infections became less frequent, but never fully abated. It wasn’t until I sought out functional nutrition training with Andrea Nakayama’s Full Body Systems course and became certified as a functional nutritionist and lifestyle practitioner that I started turning my nagging symptoms around. By that time they had evolved from sinus infections to depression, anxiety, digestive problems, low immunity and interstitial cystitis. I learned that no symptom exists apart from the rest of the body, that it takes time for illness to develop and that the body needs to be supported as a whole to heal.

Our current medical model looks at each system often in isolation rather than as part of a complex and interrelated web. It’s astonishing and beautiful that by healing my digestive system I’ve made greater progress on healing my depression than any medication ever could. Additionally, I’ve learned that sleep, downtime and having fun play an enormous role in my health and healing. I know what it’s like to juggle too many things, working, raising a family, cooking healthy meals at home and overachieving, trying to do it all and perfectly. We all have responsibilities, but for me personally, I’ve had to un-learn what I feel is a societal norm and pressure to do too much! It wasn’t good for my health and I suspect it hasn’t been working for you. With our current health industry and food culture it isn’t easy to shift priorities to health and healing, but for many, it’s the only option.

I meet with you where you are by collaborating with your doctor and other healthcare providers and meeting with you one on one to discover and uncover your unique bio-individual nutritional needs. We design a plan together to fine-tune your current lifestyle, food and nutrition and supplements. I know your body has an innate ability to heal when given the right ingredients. Contact me to get started on your journey today!